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Jacy is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas specializing in anxiety, depression, relationship issues, the Enneagram, spirituality, and low self-esteem. She received her Masters in Counseling at the University of North Texas and has done additional training in mindfulness and yoga. She has been in private practice since 2014 helping individuals shrug off old patterns and build themselves up! 

Jacy brings a gentle, friendly energy to every session. She has a fun, kind and understanding spirit which makes counseling an easy and safe place to bring all the good, bad and ugly! She ultimately believes you have all you need to be an awesome, enlightened soul and with a little guidance you have the ability to tap into that awesomeness.  She is able to help you identify and move toward goals and bring awareness to thought patterns and behaviors that aren't serving you. Through her excitement for learning and improvement, she has built a toolbox of information and skills to help you move toward the person you desire to be. 




Dallas Office + Online Services

Julianne Schroeder is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Yoga Teacher who is passionate about helping others be their best selves. She’s all about balance in mind, body, and relationships, with specialties in anxiety & burnout, codependency & relationships issues, perfectionism, disordered eating, & general self-esteem issues.

She also loves working with those that are “sensitive souls”, self-reflective, or goal-getters who want support and accountability and working through any lingering emotional blocks to up-level themselves.  

Julianne considers herself a helper and healer by nature, and believes in well-timed humor as necessary to get through life. Julianne melds a caring & compassionate heart along with a background in teaching, counseling, and therapeutic yoga to help clients embody self-love and acceptance.

Julianne strongly believes that you deserve a life that supports you being your best you. Living in an imperfect world can inevitably create challenges that can be overwhelming to bear alone. Sometimes our past or current experiences influence our perspective and cloud our ability to see alternative options, so therapy can be helpful for that reason.

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Whitney is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas and Registered Yoga Teacher specializing in anxiety, depression, perfectionism, communication in relationships, disordered eating, body image, spirituality, and the quarter-life crisis. In a variety of settings, she has been helping individuals overcome barriers and feel confident in who they are and who they want to be.

Whitney has a calm, understanding, relatable vibe. With a sense of humor and a ton of compassion, she is there to support your journey through the challenging work that can be done in therapy. She believes you are strong and capable of navigating your way through setbacks and struggles and living a fulfilling life, in line with your truest values.

She works to help her clients process emotions, counter unhelpful thoughts, develop new perspectives, and learn how to cultivate healthy relationships with themselves, others, food, life, and more. She is a passionate about listening, connection, and sharing knowledge to inspire peace and joyfulness.