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Counseling can help alleviate mental and emotional pain caused by anxiety, depression, past experiences, unhealthy relationships, and other mental health issues. It can be hard to be human, we are all prone to anxiety, depression, stress, and feeling overwhelmed for a number of reasons. However, mental un-wellness can feel and look very different for everyone. If you are unsure about what you are experiencing or if counseling can help, the first step can be to acknowledge your own suffering and become open to much deserved support. Although sometimes difficult to understand, suffering is a part of the human experience. You are not alone in that!

We know it can feel very vulnerable to share your story, so here is what to expect from us. We are compassionate, non-judgmental counselors who want to provide a safe and accepting environment for you process and release some of your burdens. “A trouble shared is a burden halved.” We want to listen, validate your experience, and offer guidance towards discovering your own inner strength and wisdom and identifying healthy coping skills that work for you. Self awareness and self compassion are key components of changing your experience, making life’s challenges more manageable, and increasing life satisfaction and fulfillment. It’s okay to need support, everyone deserves a listening ear and a compassionate guide.

Phone and video sessions are also available.




Yoga has been around for thousands of years. Not only can yoga help you build strength and increase flexibility for the body it has powerful benefits on the mind. In yoga, we use a combination of postures and breathing exercises.

The breath is the only autonomic function that we have control over. Years ago when we had sabertooth tigers running after our stress response naturally kicked on to protect us. Now days an email or conflict in a relationship can trigger a primal response in us that it’s the end of the world. Yoga is a tool that helps build awareness and control of the nervous system.  Yoga allows for mental space and capacity to tap into your intuition and potential growth that is not accessible when you are running from sabertooth tigers or clouded by the day to day stressors.  It seems so simple and easy and it really is… Health and wellbeing doesn't have to be so hard. 




Mindfulness is simply the ability to be present or aware of something. That something can be your body, breath, senses, thoughts, emotions, or an activity. It really can be that simple. Formal mindfulness is setting aside time to choose something to focus your attention toward. Informal mindfulness is bringing your awareness to any of your daily activities. Think of switching from a “doing” to a “being” mindset. 

The mind is like a muscle and if exercised in this way, being present can add a new level of wellbeing by improving your memory, bringing mental clarity, increasing your tolerance to difficult emotions, creating space to allow you to tap into your intuition, calming the mind, and grounding your spirit.